The Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center (NTLC) is devoted to promoting and supporting the art and science of teaching. We are a resource to all faculty and staff of UW-Stout.
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Mission Statement 

We will share and value teaching and learning by:

  • creating a climate where colleagues find satisfaction in teaching and learning, build confidence in the effectiveness of their teaching, and have opportunities to share their classroom and research practices
  • creating programs that nurture and support faculty development
  • facilitating the use of technology in teaching and learning
NTLC: Learn, Apply, Share

Vision Statement 

NTLC nourishes a campus culture of learning and teaching characterized by discovery, curiosity, innovation, collaboration and research. 

Programs sponsored by the NTLC's goals, mission and vision statements are closely aligned with the mission of the Nakatani Endowment Fund and the University's visioning statements and Enduring Goals.

Arthur Nakatani
Arthur Nakatani


The Nakatani Endowment was established in 1993 through a bequest from Kiyo Nakatani, in memory of her late son, Arthur M. Nakatani, a UW-Stout alumnus. Arthur Nakatani earned his bachelor's and master's degrees from UW-Stout in 1971 and 1972, respectively, and taught elementary school in Hawaii until his death in 1989.

In 2008, the Teaching and Learning Center at UW-Stout was renamed the Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center and jointly participated with Learning Technology Services (LTS) in promoting the goals of the Nakatani bequest to create and apply technology and research in the advancement of the art and science of teaching. In 2013, the Center was moved from being under the Learning Information Technology division, specifically LTS, to serving under the Provost Office. The director reports to the Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. Since then, LTS employees have expanded their Instructional Design and technology services to meet the ever-growing technological needs of faculty. This separation of the two units has resulted in NTLC focusing on teaching and assessment topics impacting educators and student learning at UW-Stout. The programs offered by the NTLC are supported with funds from the Nakatani Endowment.