Psychology Student Center

Our goal at the Psych Student Center is to provide students with useful free resources.
In this Section

The Psych Student Center provides many services intended to help students with their classes in Psychology, as well as with their career path and preparation for their future education. We want you to be a success.

  • Tutoring - Sometimes you need help understanding the material you are learning in class.  Maybe that stats homework is a little tougher than you expected. Fortunately, we can help you.  Our tutors here in the PSC are students like you, and are well-learned in most subject areas in the Psychology program here at UW-Stout.  Don't be afraid to stop in; we'll sit down with you and work things out.
  • Make-up Exams - Did you miss an important exam? Fear not. Here in the PSC, we can collaborate with your Psychology professors so that you can take your exam in our lab. We will offer you a quiet study environment and all the time you need (granted it is not a timed exam). Ask your professors if they would allow you to make up your exams in the PSC.
  • Class Advisement - Do you know which classes to take next semester? Are you unsure which professor would be your best fit for a class? Stop by the PSC and we can help you figure out which classes/professors are right for you. There's a good chance we've already taken the classes you need, and we can tell you about our personal experiences or help you do research so that you can make informed and confident decisions.
  • Graduate School Advisement - So you're thinking about graduate school, but don't know where to go or even what programs you're interested in. What do you do? Come and see us. We have resources on our shelves that will provide you with lots of useful information on grad schools and programs. Our resources can help you make your important graduate school decisions.
  • GRE Help - Taking the GRE soon? We can help you get ready for it. We have many resources that will help you learn about GRE strategies, and plenty of practice exams for you to take.  We will do what we can to make sure you're well prepared.
  • Providing an Optimal Study Environment - The PSC is a great work environment.  If you have trouble concentrating at home, or would like to do your homework in a room with a helpful and friendly tutor, you are more than welcome to work on your assignments here.
  • Do you need help with something not listed here?  Feel free to contact us and ask for assistance.  We will do what we can.