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Abyss Alpha

Abyss Alpha

Abyss is a third-person cooperative platforming game that is being developed in Unreal Engine as part of a graduate school thesis on pro-social game design at the University of Wisconsin Stout. With assistance from technical advisors, concept artists, and an audio team from Berklee School of Music, it aims to be a vertical slice of cooperative platforming action in a cosmic horror environment.

Designer: Morgan Brantner
Add'l Environment Art: Ryan Kilmer & Hanna Curtis
Audio Team: Christina "El" Wynne*, Evan Aleksandar Lux*, Moshe Wohl*, Noah Brown*


Dice Masters

Max Willman's Dice Masters

Dice Masters is the game about grabbing that hoard of dice you collect and justify your purchase history through epic battles of dice legions against you and your fellow dice hoarders. With fun charismatic cards, creative and customizable liberties, and its ability to be played nearly anywhere this game is sure to become a favorite to all during your next game session.

Designer: Max Willman
Instructor: Tyler Thomas



Battle for power in this epic Greek Mythology game. Three players take on the roles of the “Big Three,” Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon, and attempt to influence various mythical creatures, heroes, and immortals. Will you prove to Mount Olympus and all of Greece that you truly are the most powerful god?

Team: Kendra Aumann-Weyenberg, Sami Reid, Syd Simonis, Emily Shaffer, Ebonee Rainwater, Cassie Isaacson
Instructor: Seth Berrier