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Adds Assist

Adds Assist is a tool made to assist GMs with combat encounters. You’re able to create mini life trackers for characters and enemies so you don’t have to mentally keep track of that. Currently its made with D&D 5e in mind but the tool isn’t restricted to only that game.

Designer: Lucas Wright

Don't Feed the Pigeons

News reports have warned the public of rapidly growing pigeon populations. Due to the dangers of flocks of birds stealing food, officials are asking citizens, please. Don't feed the pigeons. 

Designer: Jaden Stock

Notorus: The Goblin War

Team: Steve Datz, Wyatt Senalik, Henry Fortun


It's showtime!  Put your musical skills to the test in this brand-new arcade rhythm game.  Hit the buttons to the beat and spin that wheel to make that crowd cheer!

Designer: Julia Butenhoff
Instructor: Seth Berrier

Video Game Accessibility, Advocacy, and Adaptations

Learn about the work that CILWW does to increase social opportunities for gamers with disabilities in Wisconsin. We advocate for accessibility in game, increase awareness, and use assistive technology to help gamers do what they love. Jenesis facilitates a gaming group for the state of Wisconsin, and does skills training using video games as a platform as well as teaching the benefits/risks of gaming as well as how to be a good online citizen.

Team: Jenesis Lindbo, Center for Independent Living for Western Wisconsin
Kayla LehnerInstructor: Seth Berrier

Witness to the Revolution

Set in an immersive and historically accurate recreation of Colonial Boston after the 1770 “Boston Massacre,” Witness to the Revolution allows the player to develop an awareness of how misinformation – both deliberate and accidental – can shape the perception and meaning of history.

Team: Andrew Williams, Austin Mason Carelton University, Sabrina Zabin Carleton University, Emily Wegner, Megan Vance Alum, Keenan Geib Alum, Katharine Grunwald