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Office 128 Heritage Hall

I am proud and honored to be the Dean of the College of Education, Hospitality, Health and Human Sciences (CEHHHS).

We consider our College something of the heart and soul of the University because several of our programs trace their roots back to the Founding of the Stout Manual Training School by Mr. James Huff Stout. Also, the programs in our college are focused in service to others, whether in education, human services professions, research, or in the service sector of the economy.

Our faculty and staff are learner-centered and collaborative with a focus on transformative and high-impact education. The commitment to teaching and learning is evident in the active and applied instruction that takes place each day in face-to-face as well as virtual environments.

Students become engaged through problem-solving, reflection, and creative and critical thinking in authentic settings early and throughout their academic career.

Our programs are career-centered and focus on the application of scientific theory and research to genuine problems encountered by both local and global citizens. We strive to provide an education which will contribute to the growth of the Wisconsin economy, to serve society, and lead to purposeful and rewarding careers for our graduates. Graduates enjoy a placement rate that is consistently above 93%.

Please stop by our campus in person and visit with the program directors in our college.