COVID-19 University Housing Updates

UW-Stout University Housing policies and procedures during the COVID-19 situation.
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In addition to the campus COVID-19 safety protocols, we would like to clarify specific aspects that will impact on-campus living. Our shared effort to hold ourselves and our peers accountable to these expectations will help us return to the on-campus life we all desire. By moving into your assigned room in University Housing, you understand and acknowledge that there are risks associated with communal living and, as in any shared living environment, those risks include potential exposure to contagious viruses, including the coronavirus.

While there are many moving parts to the fall experience at UW-Stout, we hope to continue to provide you with the most current information we have available.  This page is designed to offer on-campus residents, and their families and friends, a better picture of what they can expect from University Housing and living on-campus. 

While this is the most updated information to date, there will continue to be changes as we work with our partners to respond to the changing nature of COVID-19. Please continue to check this website and your university e-mail daily.

Face Masks

Face masks or coverings will be worn by all residents, guests, and employees in the residence halls. A mask is not required when an individual is in their room alone or with their roommate(s) or guests, in designated mask-free rooms, when using the restroom to brush their teeth, groom their face, or shower, or while outside the building.  However, masks are required in common areas (including bathrooms, kitchens, lounges, basements, stairwells, hallways, and elevators). All face coverings, whether disposable or reusable, must:

  • Fully cover the nose and mouth;
  • Either cover the chin or secure under the chin (open chin bandanas are not acceptable); and
  • Be free of any holes (macramé’, crocheted, and knitted masks are prohibited).

Residents requesting a mask accommodation should contact Disability Services to engage in the accommodation process.


Unvaccinated Residents

Residence hall students who are not fully vaccinated will be expected to have tested for COVID-19 twice in September; once between September 6-10 and again between September 20-24. Testing is available in the West Gym of the Sports and Fitness Center (building #5 on this map) and will require you to swipe/tap your ID card to confirm completion of your test. Students who choose not to test during either of these expected periods will be referred to the conduct system for sanctions including but not limited to university probation and contract termination. At this time, we do not have confirmed testing plans beyond September 30. Additional specific information will be sent to unvaccinated residents regarding their testing obligation.

Vaccinated Residents

All residents, regardless of vaccination status, who experience COVID-19 symptoms should get tested.  Currently, COVID-19 testing is available for symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals through September 30. Please visit this website for additional information.


The best protection from COVID-19 is a combination of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, wearing a mask when appropriate, monitoring for symptoms, staying in your room when sick, and washing your hands often. Learn about the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccination online. All residents are strongly encouraged to get the vaccine.

UW System and UW-Stout have launched incentive programs for those students who are vaccinated. You can find more information about the 70 for 70 incentive program online, and the UW-Stout “Do Your Part” vaccination incentive program online. Students who have been vaccinated should upload their information to be eligible for both drawings and to be exempt from current testing requirements. Students are strongly encouraged to keep their COVID vaccine card with them when they return to campus.

Students, faculty, staff, and supervisors are prohibited from discriminating against individuals regarding vaccination status. 

Isolation and Quarantine Guidelines

Isolation (Positive COVID-19 Test)

Residents who test positive for COVID-19 through the campus testing expectation will be required to isolate either in an off-campus location or in designated on-campus housing. When a resident tests positive at the on-campus testing facility, they will work with University Housing to begin their temporary housing process.

Quarantine (Close contact to a confirmed COVID-19 case)

Unvaccinated residents who are deemed a close contact of an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 will be required to quarantine in an off-campus location or in designated on-campus housing. When a contact tracer calls you or leaves a message, please call them back as they will assist you in moving to your quarantine location. A close contact is defined as an unvaccinated person, six-feet or closer, for fifteen minutes or more, with any person who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Isolation/Quarantine Packing List

We recommend that you pre-pack a to-go bag in case you are temporarily reassigned to a quarantine or isolation space.  The following are suggested items to pack.  When students are temporarily relocated, they are provided this electronic packing list.

  • Extra cell phone chargers
  • List of important phone numbers
  • List of allergies
  • 2 or more complete changes of comfy clothes: sweats, PJ Pants, T's, Fuzzy Socks 
  • 4+ changes of daytime clothes 
  • Blanket 
  • Thermometer 
  • A few masks 
  • Clean set of sheets, towels, socks and underwear 
  • Toiletries 
  • Menstrual Products 
  • Medication and symptom remedies 
  • Reusable water bottle 
  • Body/Face wash 
  • Tissues 
  • Mental Health/Distraction items (something from home, coloring book, cards, journal, etc.) 
  • Snacks 

Guests in the Residence Halls

As per the University Housing Guests policy, residents may host guests in their residence hall, however their guest’s behavior is their responsibility.  All guests, like our residents, must abide by COVID-19 policies.  Additionally, to avoid large group gatherings and the potential spread of COVID-19, the total number of guests and residents staying in a residence hall room and/or suite may not exceed the following:

  • Single room occupancy: 4
  • Double room occupancy: 4
  • Extended double room occupancy: 6
  • Quad room occupancy: 8
  • Red Cedar Suite occupancy: 8

Cleaning and Disinfecting

All residence hall students will be expected to abide by residence hall community standards which have been designed to support a health living environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students will be expected to maintain a basic level of cleanliness in their residence hall rooms. Proper and frequent handwashing is expected. Sanitizing stations will be placed at a various entry and exit locations and students are asked to “tap in” and “tap out” by using hand sanitizer when they enter and exit a building. Custodial staff will continue to clean and disinfect bathrooms, showers, and touch surfaces routinely.

Events and Meetings

We are still looking forward to hosting in-person events and meetings with our students and staff throughout the year. Although we may reduce attendance at some of our larger events, you can look forward to in-person floor meetings, social hall-wide events to meet people in your building, campus-wide social and educational events, and one-on-one conversations with floormates and your RA.

Expectations and Guidelines 

Residents are expected to fully comply with the expectations, protocols and guidelines outlined in this document. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, however every reasonable effort will be made to gain voluntary cooperation before engaging in the formal disciplinary process.