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It is recommended that students maintain adequate health insurance coverage, however, services are provided to all UW–Stout students regardless of their health insurance status.

We will never refuse services to a student without an insurance card or insurance coverage.

Billing your insurance

Student Health Services can file claims to health insurance companies for services rendered. Insurance plans vary and may be subject to out-of-network charges and pre-authorization requirements.

When contacting your plan's service representative to verify insurance can be billed by Student Health Services, please state that UW–Stout's Student Health Services is an on-campus medical clinic for students and bills services as a physician's office.

Paying Your Bill

Any expenses not covered by insurance plans are placed on the student's university account. Students receive a confirmation email about the charge(s) and must remit payment at Student Business Services.

Prompt payment will avoid any penalities imposed by University Business Services for unpaid balances. (i.e. - "Holds" can be placed on student accounts for outstanding balances which may impact class registration or other university-related tasks students need to accomplish.)

Overview of Charges

Comparatively low charges are generated for office, visits, procedures, laboratory tests, vaccinations, supplies, and medications. (Price ListAny costs incurred will be billed to your health insurance except for medications. Medications will be billed to the student's account via the UW-Stout Business office.

As a provision of your health segregated fee, students will NOT be charged for co-pays/co-insurances. Charges not covered by insurance and balances due because the charges were applied to an insurance deductible are your responsibility and will be billed to the student's account.
Charges will not be transferred to your student account until the health services receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company. After the EOB has been received, and your health services bill has been reconciled, any charges for non-covered services and/or deductibles per the health insurance plan will be transferred to your student account.
If you do not have insurance or choose not to have your insurance billed, discount pricing will apply.
Students that require referrals to outside providers or specialists for consultation or treatment, including radiology and x-ray are responsible for these expenses.


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Health Insurance

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