Work Incentive Benefits Analysis

We take the time and effort to investigate and explain your benefits.
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Fear of losing benefits is a common concern for people with disabilities who want to work. SVRI’s benefits specialists explain the effect that working will have on an individual’s benefits and dispel some of the myths about working while receiving benefits. This information can help the individual to make an informed choice.
Price: $900.00

What is involved in a benefits analysis?
The individual and the benefits specialist discuss the individual’s current benefits, anticipated earnings, specific questions, and anything else relevant to the individual’s financial situation. Benefits specialists can meet at a public location of the individual’s choice or via phone/video call.

Benefits Consultation Period assists consumers in understanding how improving their financial progress will impact their benefits.
Price: $300.00

Work Incentive Benefits Analysis Meeting Update includes a meeting with the consumer discussing   changes in benefits/status and addressing consumer questions for appropriate vocational planning.
Price: $100.00

Work Incentive Benefits Plan and Meeting is a way to enhance the Work Incentive Benefits Analysis. The Work Incentive Benefits plan is used as a road map to maximize the use of work incentives in the return-to-work process. The consumer must have employment and need help accessing work incentives.
Price: $700.00

Plan to Achieve Self Support (PASS) is a work incentive and a way for a person to save money to purchase items or services needed to reach a vocational goal. In order to pursue this option, a specific vocational goal is needed with the intention or decrease in a dependence on Social Security benefits by the completion of the PASS. It requires the beneficiary to pay a portion of the expenses by setting aside monthly benefits and/or other income to fund the employment-related expense(s). SVRI provides assistance with developing plans. This service is an addendum to a Work Incentive Benefits Plan, Meeting and Report.
Price: $600.00

Additional Services

Customized Work Incentive Benefits Analysis helps determine how work will impact any benefits received, such as Social Security, Medicaid, housing, and other economic assistance. Customized Benefits Analysis can be utilized through agency funding and private pay.
Price: $125.00 per hour