Golf Enterprise Management Specialization

This specialization will prepare students for careers in the management of golf operations.
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Golf is a large business, with revenues exceeding $69 billion each year. With the endorsement of the National Golf Course Owners Association, the University of Wisconsin-Stout has developed a specialization in Golf Enterprise Management. This unique specialization offers students with an interest in the golf industry the opportunity to gain knowledge of the many facets of successfully managing a golf related business, including golf courses and clubs.

Note: The Golf Enterprise Management Specialization program is not currently accepting applications.

The specialization requires a total of 18-22 credits with four required courses in golf and golf enterprise management, a co-op or field experience in a golf enterprise venue and selective courses in supporting areas from business, hospitality and tourism, psychology and service management.

Who can enroll in the specialization?

Any student interested in Golf Enterprise Management can enroll; however, the specialization is designed to work best for students in the following majors:


Specialization Requirements

A specialization is a program of study with carefully constructed learning experiences and defined outcomes.



"On September 27, 2003 the Board of Directors (of NGCOA) unanimously voted to endorse a bachelor degree program in Golf Enterprise Management at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. This is the only endorsement of its kind ever conferred by the National Golf Course Owners Association and was given only after much consideration. We all believe that your institution is a perfect match for this program because of its hospitality programs, the excellent customer service offerings, the emphasis on applied learning and the distance learning capability"

Michael K. Hughes, Executive Director
National Golf Course Owners Association

"As an owner of multiple golf courses, we are most mindful of the need for a new generation of golf course people. This new business opportunity is focused on the learning of solid business practices, and principled leadership. The new program being planned at UW-Stout builds on the premise of preparing future candidates for entry-level management positions in our industry".

Henry B. DeLozier, Vice President - Golf
Pulte Homes, Inc.

"Troon Golf is the largest third-party manager of golf facilities in the world. Today we have approximately 140 courses under active management or development and about 8,000 employees.

We are enthusiastic supporters of college-level programs such as the one the University of Wisconsin-Stout is trying to achieve with its Golf Enterprise Management Degree program. We particularly see it’s distance-learning enabled function as a viable tool for helping to further develop our young working managers and supervisors."

Hud Hinton, President, Chief Operating Officer
Troon Golf

"In awarding a keystone grant of $100,000 The Toro Giving Program recognized UW-Stout as uniquely qualified to begin this new degree program because of its international reputation in Hospitality and Tourism, Retail Merchandising, and Service Management degrees which were complementary and currently in place."

John McPhee, Director of Golf Marketing and Services
The Toro Company

"The golf industry has seen many changes over the past five years, but none will ultimately be as important to long-term success as the transition to golf as a business focused on financial profitability and yield management. With this transition comes a need for professionals with business acumen, and specifically a keen understanding of financials, marketing, economics and sales. At the same time, the tradition of golf needs to be maintained, and a strong focus on player development, agronomy, and customer service is at the forefront."

Margie Traylor, President and Founding Partner