Training and Human Resource Development Specialization

Education is not the sole province of schools. Programs of instruction are conducted by many businesses, industries, in the military, and by other groups and organizations.
Degree Type Specialization
Careers & Salaries Career Outcomes
Delivery On Campus or Online

The Training and Human Resource Development specialization provides a unique opportunity to obtain competence in the rapidly expanding field of training and human resource development. Requiring only 14-15 credits of coursework or competence, plus a 1 to 8 credit internship, this specialization will meet the needs of students who want to gain competence in developing training materials, implementing and coordinating training activities, and evaluating the effectiveness of training activities. Specializations differ from traditional majors, minors and concentrations by being interdisciplinary and offering considerable flexibility in employment opportunities. Several students take this specialization in place of a minor. Many of the specialization requirements may also be used to meet the requirements in your degree program. 

Who may enroll?

Any student interested in training and human resource development may enroll.

Primary Competencies Provided

Having completed a baccalaureate degree and the Training and Human Resource Development specialization, many recently hired graduates' primary job responsibilities entail delivering instruction rather than conducting extensive needs assessment/analysis and designing instruction. In-depth analysis and instructional design are typically conducted by someone possessing a masters degree and considerably more experience. Therefore, this specialization will provide the necessary instructional preparation to effectively:

  • develop training materials based on established needs.
  • implement and coordinate training activities.
  • evaluate the effectiveness of training activities.

Specialization Requirements

A specialization is a program of study with carefully constructed learning experiences and defined outcomes.