Dawn Pamperin

Dawn Pamperin

Library Systems Assistant

Phone 715-232-1589
Office 123 Robert S. Swanson Library


Dawn fell into Information Technology in 2007 when she was promoted to be the system administrator for the new manufacturing software that was being implemented where she worked.  She received an Associates of Science degree in Software Development in 2012 and spent a year working for a help desk troubleshooting computer issues, resetting passwords, testing connections and sending a tech out when it was needed.  Before coming to the University Library, she worked in Electronic Data Integration in a manufacturing environment.  She was responsible for creating maps, testing, and data management for new and existing customers. 


Dawn will be working with Ann to support library website and e-resources.  Her main focus will be maintaining and updating the library electronic resources and the library website. 


Dawn and her husband like to hike and explore state parks that they haven’t been to before.  Her husband is an avid fisherman, so when he takes their youngest daughter fishing, Dawn goes along just for the boat ride, and always gets in his way.  She loves to read fiction in her spare time, her favorite author is Tami Hoag, and she loves to try new recipes and make them with her daughters.  She is hoping to find time to pick up her hobby again, she has a lot of unfinished stained glass projects that she wants to complete.  Her all-time favorite thing to do is gather all of the pillows and blankets into the living room and binge movies all night with her daughters.