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At UW-Stout, you'll discover your passions, learn real-world skills, and find your home away from home.
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The success of our technology-driven, polytechnic approach to applied learning and research is reinforced by our graduates' 99.4% employment rate. / UW-Stout


It's the word we hear over and over again from employers, alumni, and the community. It's how they describe UW-Stout graduates: ready. This is a hallmark of our students, because it's exactly what they are:

     Ready to hit the ground running.
     Ready to contribute to greater society.
     Ready to excel in the fields they're passionate about.

But the opportunities don't end in the classroom. We have more than 45 unique programs for you to explore, 140 student organizations, and 50 intramural and sport clubs.

To learn more about the unique programs and opportunities you'll find at UW-Stout, use the Request Information form to receive our interactive UW-Stout Viewbook.

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5 Reasons to Choose UW-Stout

  1. Unparalleled post-graduation employment. Our majors are proven to lead to careers with noteworthy starting salaries and a 99.4% post-graduation employment rate. Don’t believe us? Let us show you our math.
  2. Applied learning and research like nowhere else. We're all about hands-on experiences here with 3x as many labs and studios as traditional classrooms. Gain the technology-driven, real-world skills that will set you apart.
  3. Unique career-focused degree programs. Since we're a polytechnic university, you won't find more than half of our majors at any of the other traditional UW System schools. And some are programs are so innovative, you'll only find them at a few colleges nationwide!
  4. Earn while you learn. Student employment opportunities on campus are plentiful, as are paid internships and co-ops with our industry partners.
  5. Added value. We've got you covered. Your tuition and residence hall fees include things like a laptop loaded with state-of-the-art software, textbooks, and all of the essentials for your room.

We're ready to meet you. We know you're ready to become a Blue Devil!