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Are you interested in a business administration degree with a variety of opportunities and diverse career paths?
Degree Type Bachelor of Science
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UW-Stout's Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BA) is designed to provide you with core business skills in management, finance, marketing, international business, operations, human resources, and accounting. Our on-campus practicum and off-campus internship will give you a competitive advantage with real-world experiences. You'll be ready upon graduation for a variety of careers in the world of business.

UW-Stout's B.S. Business Administration degree will teach you about management, marketing, accounting, economics, business law, finance and international commerce. / UW-Stout

Our outstanding faculty of nationally and internationally recognized researchers and educators serve as business undergraduate academic advisors. Graduates will also earn one of UW-Stout’s minors as part of their multifunctional area of business degree.

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This degree also offers a concentration in Supply Chain Management. Our ACBSP accredited curriculum merges critical thinking and hands-on experience.

ACBSP-Accredited Curriculum

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • International business
  • Law



  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Network administration
  • Personnel management

The curriculum replicates enterprise environments in the organizations of our corporate partners and businesses around the world. You'll learn by doing and emerge with the skills and flexibility to serve as an operations manager, general manager, director of operations, plant manager, facilities manager, plant superintendent, vice president of operations or chief operating officer. 


Program Overview

View the B.S. Business Administration program plan which includes credit requirements and course descriptions.


View the Supply Chain Management concentration program plan which includes credit requirements and course descriptions.


99% of Our Graduates are Employed or Continuing Education

Stout gives its graduates a competitive advantage with an opportunity that most other colleges students don't have. As part of the program, students gain practical work experience before graduation during an on-campus practicum and off-campus field experience, or co-op.

Another advantage for Stout students is the outstanding faculty. Through their outside work experience and/or consulting, they bring their first-hand knowledge of the business world to you. They know how to communicate and motivate, and can share with you the skills and knowledge you need to be successful.

"UW-Stout has helped tailor my education in a way that optimizes my occupational success, and my educational path has been nothing short of fulfilling, enjoyable, and successful."

-- Nick Super
B.S. Business Administration

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Preparing for Your Business Administration Degree

Preparation for college begins in high school. We recommend that you take computer classes as well as courses in science, advanced math, speech, and advanced writing. Involvement in extracurricular activities is valuable, and any related work experience is a plus.

Starting Out

During your first two semesters, you'll enroll primarily in General Education courses. In addition, introductory business-related courses will help you refine your career direction since the emphasis is placed on choosing a career field as soon as possible. With help from a faculty advisor, you'll choose a career area and select a minor that supports your goals. Help with course and career choices is also available through the Advisement and Career Center, the Counseling Center, and Career Services.

As You Progress

A strong general education foundation progresses to more advanced business courses in marketing, management, production operations, finance, personnel, accounting, law, and international business. You'll select upper-level courses in these same areas as they apply to your career goals.

In addition, comprehensive courses in areas such as international studies, information systems, and quality management let you apply information from previous courses to a broader view of business. At the same time, you'll enroll in courses to fulfill the minor you have selected. That means that if you have an interest in employee relations and training, you might be interested in a minor in human resource management.

As mentioned before, an on-campus practicum and an off-campus work experience are included in the program. The practicum provides an opportunity to apply coursework to solve practical problems encountered in business and industry and gives you a competitive edge over other graduates.

Student professional organizations provide you with additional opportunities to learn outside the classroom setting. There are 25 identified student organizations to choose from that can help you get additional experience in your career area.

Career Opportunities

Do More With a Business Administration Degree

Industrial, consumer, service, and government organizations seek qualified professionals with knowledge about all aspects of business enterprise. Earning a bachelor of science degree in Business Administration can lead you to positions with local, national, or international firms. Additionally, many government agencies at the local, state, and national level employ business graduates.

Qualification for entry level positions depends on variables including the electives you've taken, your work experience, personal contacts, grade point average, and economic cycles.

Graduate Positions & Employers

  • Quality Control Engineer - Hormel
  • Factory Quality Auditor - West Bend
  • Sales Representative - Honeywell
  • Account Manager - Marriott
  • Senior Account Analyst - Federal Reserve Bank
  • Customer Service Analyst - 3M
  • Materials Analyst - 3M
  • Programmer Supervisor - Cray Research
  • Computer Specialist - Michaels Engineering
  • Assistant Manager - Ground Round
  • Systems Engineer - GM Data Systems
  • Program Analyst - Target
  • Owner Relations Analyst - Ford Motor
Program Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee Members

Michelle Andrews Production Manager Rise Inc.
Bryan Barts Director, Career Services UW-Stout
Adam  Bredesen Director, Marketing Development - Health Plan Div. Express Scripts
Beth  Brinkmann Human Resources Manager Greenheck Fan Corporation
Kurt Brown Financial Advisor Edward D. Jones, Menomonie 
Jeff  Busch Project Management Professional Independent Contractor
Frazier Clark Department Chair, Business Department UW-Stout
David Ding CSTEMM Interim Associate Dean UW-Stout
Michelle Dingwall Sr. Gift Officer Stout Univeristy Foundation 
John  Dzissah Department Chair, Operations and Management UW-Stout
Tony Eger Regional Manager Fastenal Company
Mark  Fenton Program Director/Professor, Business UW-Stout
Urs  Haltinner Professor, Marketing & Business Ed.  UW-Stout
Keegan Hastreiter Sales and Purchasing Manager Hastreiter Indstries
Bethany Henthorn Co-op Coordinator, Career Services UW-Stout
Margery Kosch Process Safety Management 3M, Materials Resource Division
Katelyn Lokrantz Senior Solutions Analyst Target Corporation 
Gindy Neidermyer CSTEMM Interim Dean UW-Stout
Zach Raff Assistant Professor, Social Sciences UW-Stout
Nicholas  Shafer Catergory Analyst  Sherwin Williams
Colby Strilaeff Brand Manager/Uw-Stout Alumnus  Hormel Foods Sales, Inc. 
Maria Stone Professor, Co-op Coordinator Uw-Stout
Renee Surdick Program Director, B.S Management UW-Stout
Jon Sylte Assistant Professor, Co-op Coordinator UW-Stout
Pam Vaver Senior Lecturer, Business, Digital Marketing Program Director UW-Stout



Tracking of Key Student Performance Measure

UW-Stout's B.S. in Business Administration program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs

The B.S. in Business Administration Student Achievement report has enrollment, final exam, employment and retention data. The Student Learning Assessment Results report is an analysis of student learning and performance standards based on specific competency attainment.

Tracking of Key Student Performance Measure

Business Administration

Business Administration

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