Luxury Management Minor

Tailor your path in high-end markets with a minor in luxury management.
Degree Type Minor
Delivery On Campus

Build Your Career on Excellence.

Discover the art of luxury and transform your career path with the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s groundbreaking Luxury Management minor. This unique program, a first of its kind in the nation, offers an exceptional blend of academic rigor and practical insights, setting you apart in the dynamic world of luxury services.


Minor Requirements

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An Education To Accelerate Your Career.

A Unique Academic Adventure. Delve into the fascinating world of luxury management. Our minor extends the expertise of the Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management program into the realm of luxury, offering a distinct skill set that's highly sought after in the luxury services sector.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum. Our carefully curated courses cover everything from luxury trends and consumer psychology to service marketing and customer experience mapping. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to excel in luxury environments.

Forbes Travel Guide. UW-Stout stands alone in its collaboration with Forbes Travel Guide. This unique connection enhances your learning experience, giving you insights and skills that are rare and valued in the marketplace.

Market-Ready Skills. Upon completion, you’ll be equipped to manage both domestic and international luxury organizations, understand luxury consumer behavior, and apply advanced management principles in high-end settings. This minor ensures you're not just job-ready but luxury-ready.

Customizable Learning Path. With 18 core credits focused on the foundations of luxury management and an elective that lets you tailor your learning to your career aspirations, the program is as versatile as it is comprehensive.

Real-World Application.

Graduates of this minor are uniquely positioned for roles in luxury hotels, high-end real estate, premium brand management, and more. Whether your passion lies in creating unforgettable customer experiences or managing prestigious luxury brands, this program paves the way for a successful career in the luxury sector.