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Degree Type Master of Science
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UW-Stout's Master of Science degree in Education is a 30-credit master’s degree that features all online courses and offers a flexible curriculum to meet your professional development goals. The 18 core credits focus on teaching and learning with an action research project embedded in the two research courses.  The 12 elective credits allow students to select courses within an interest area, mix and match courses from several areas, earn a reading teacher license or a professional certificate:

  • Reading Teacher or Reading Specialist License
  • Instructional Design Certificate Certificate
  • Blended and Online Teaching & Training
  • Elementary or Middle School Instructional Strategies
  • Mathematics Specialist Certificate
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Certificate

Program Overview

View program plans, credit requirements and course descriptions. 


This program is for:

  • Previously or currently licensed teachers seeking professional development in an accredited Master’s program.
  • Instructors at post-secondary institutions seeking a master’s degree in professional development who do not require K-12 certification.
  • Instructors in business and industry or other community-based settings.

Please note, the online program does not offer initial teacher licensure; if you seek initial teacher licensure the on-campus bachelor's level programs provide initial teacher licensure. UW-Stout also offers an online pathway for non-teaching bachelors degree holders. For more information visit our School of Education website.

Use the Request Information form to connect with the program director and learn more about the Master of Science degree in Education.

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Program Plan & Course Sequences

The M.S. Education degree program plan and required course listing are available in the following graduate bulletin link:  Loading...

Spring Start Sequence

Summer Start Sequence

Fall Start Sequence

If you intend to complete your Reading Teacher certification with an M.S. Education degree, please contact the program director.

If you enter the program with your electives already completed, you want to take courses off sequence, or if you have transfer credits, please contact the program director to work on an individualized plan for you.

Elective Courses

You may mix and match single courses to match your professional goals, or you may enroll in a sequence of courses to complete a certificate or certification. Some courses and certificate programs may require prerequisites. All courses and certificate or certification programs listed here are approved electives for use in our MS in Education program.

Click on the links below for more information or program/course requirements.

Note: you need 12 credits of electives to fulfill the requirements of the MS in Education program.  

Are you Nationally Board Certified in Teaching (NBCT)?

Each prospective student who has current/unexpired National Board Certification in Teaching (NBCT) can apply for up to nine credits to be used towards the electives requirement in their Masters of Science in Education (MSE) at UW-Stout. To have your NBCT materials considered, you must have fully completed your National Board Certification prior to applying to the MSE program.


100% of coursework is online - work around your schedule

Tuition & Fees

Customized Instruction at UW Stout can be described as programs that are designed with the adult learner in mind. If you're comparing UW-Stout's customized instruction tuition to our competitors, keep in mind:

  • Customized instruction tuition rate includes the textbook rental fee.
  • There are no additional university-based semester or technology fees.
  • Students in customized instruction programs pay the same rate of tuition regardless if Wisconsin residents, out-of-state or international participants.

Value for Your Money

There’s more to value than just tuition. UW Stout also provides:

  • Program Director – faculty with discipline expertise.
  • Adult Student Services Coordinator – one point of contact, providing support to students for each program.
  • Course sequences and matrices – know what courses are offered when so you can plan ahead.
  • Courses and programs may be stackable for use in another program.
  • Courses are flexible and convenient for working professionals.

Other universities will present costs and value differently - make sure you're comparing apples to apples.


The tuition rate for 2023-2024 is $524/cr

Admission Requirements & Application

The M.S. Education program admits students on a continuous basis throughout the year.  However, suggested deadlines for applications are:   

  • Fall Semester: August 15
  • Spring Semester: January 15
  • Summer Semester: June 1

General UW-Stout Graduate School Application

All prospective graduate students at UW-Stout must follow a standard application process through our Graduate School. Beyond that, each graduate program has specific requirements that must be met to be successfully admitted to the program:

Program-Specific Admission Requirements

  • Curriculum Vita/Resume
  • A Philosophy of Education/Statement of Purpose. This 500-word statement describes your philosophy of education, goals as an educator, and examples of your commitment to learning, excellence, and respect for others. Include efforts to create an inclusive learning environment and relevant accomplishments that strengthen your candidacy. Grammar, spelling, and attention to detail are expected.

Please include your philosophy of education and attach your curriculum vita/resume within the UW System application or email them to gradschool@uwstout.edu.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

If you are interested in receiving financial aid to finance your graduate degree, file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Be sure to list University of Wisconsin-Stout so that your results will automatically be sent to our university. The Title IV School Code for University of Wisconsin-Stout is 003915.

Degree-seeking students who are registered for at least five (5) graduate credits a semester in the program may qualify for financial aid.

For more information, please visit the websites below:

  • Office of Financial Aid
    For more information about grants, scholarships, loans, student employment and other forms of aid as well as deadlines and applications visit the UW-Stout Office of Financial Aid.
  • Stout University Foundation
    The Stout University Foundation sponsors scholarships for graduate students, financed by the contributions of alumni, friends, parents, faculty, campus organizations, other Stout staff, foundations and corporations
  • Graduate Assistantships (GA)
    To apply for a Graduate Assistantship position, go to the Stout CareerLink site. For more information view the Graduate Assistantships page.
  • Multicultural Student Services
    The Multicultural Student Services (MSS) office is committed to the success of ethnic minority students. You'll find information about specific grants and scholarship opportunities.
Objectives & Outcomes

Core Objectives:

  1. Explore the personal, historical, philosophical, sociological, psychological, multicultural, and political influences on educational practice from an organizational and personal perspective. 782, 751  
  2. Analyze current issues and trends in education in the context of educational research and historical foundations of education. 729, 780 
  3. Examine personal practice to reflectively develop a personal philosophy and practice of education in one or more areas of educational specialization. 745, 782, 751 
  4. Examine how various orientations to curriculum integrate the theoretical, instructional, and educational modes of discourse. 750 
  5. Plan, evaluate, and revise curriculum used in one's own practice. 745, 750, 782 
  6. Analyze and evaluate instructional strategies and students’ performance and make judgements about the appropriateness of varying teaching methods in various contexts, 745, 750, 782 
  7. Interpret educational research and conduct applied research to improve teaching and learning. 729, 780 
  8. Examine principles and techniques used in assessing learners and apply them to instructional practices. 745 
Career Opportunities

You will be pleasantly surprised at the rewards an M.S. in Education will bring you. If you are currently teaching, your investment in education may make you eligible for an increase in salary or qualify you for advancements. Many teaching positions require at least a master's degree, so you may have more teaching opportunities. You should also:

  •     become a more successful instructor
  •     find more confidence in your teaching
  •     be able to employ new techniques in your classroom
  •     enable people to learn

Many jobs are posted on the American Association for Employment in Education, Inc.

You can also check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook which offers current information for the education job market.

MSE Advisory Board

2022-23 Advisory Board

Kathy Brock MS Ed Faculty UW-Stout
Michelle  Dupree Math Coach Menomonie School District
Tera  Ellison District Reading Specialist/Coordinator Menomonie School District
Amy  Gullixson Associate Director UW-Stout Online
Emily  Hines Reading Teacher & Reading Specialist Program Coordinator School of Education, UW-Stout
Kim Martinez Professor UW-Stout
Greg  Matthias Program Director UW-Stout
Nicole  Rygiel SPED Teacher Elk Mound
Deanna  Schultz MS in CTE Program Director UW-Stout 
Lori  Smith Oaklawn Elementary School Principal Menomonie School District
Chelsea  Stephenson Middle School Math Teacher Blair-Taylor School District
Andrew  Egbert Instructional Designer College of Western Idaho, Nampa ID
Joel  Hartline Secondary Literature Coach, Reading Specialist Kewaskum School District
Stephanie Schuettpelz Elementary Teacher Shawano School District
Naomi  Fulton Mat Teacher Arrowhead High School
Carrie Korinek Elementary Teacher Catholic School Appleton 
Desiah  Melby Instructor Mid State Technical College
Cassie Evans Elementary Teacher St. Croix Central Elementary
Amber  Gustafson Teacher  
Jay Bosch Medical Care  Marshfield Clinic

“As a parent, coach, and teacher, having the flexibility to get work done on my schedule was tremendously helpful. This program offered me a chance to better my practice and become a more effective, engaging educator. The knowledge and experience I gained will allow me to better deal with noncompliant students, teach with a focus on equity, and better facilitate e-learning and a flipped classroom."

-Brian Evans

"I loved the program. It was immediately applicable to my classroom and my needs as a teacher. The courses and topics helped me reflect on who I am as a professional and gave me direction in improving myself for my students.”

-Chelsea Stephenson

“I started with the Instructional Design Certificate. This helped me ease into the master’s program. I like the way the courses relate to real life scenarios and to my own teaching and learning experiences. It has provided me with the knowledge and skills to better support the work of our faculty and has allowed me to work effectively with the instructional designer.

-Elizabeth Phillips

"UW-Stout's high-quality online program is designed for teachers at all levels and offers the flexibility that working professionals needs.  The program offers options to select online courses demonstrating a variety of instructional methods to use in my classroom."

-Nishele Lenards

"As a high school business instructor, it took a long time to find a master's program that was interesting and useful to me in my professional development. This online program is excellent because participants can see the online education process being modeled. I took the e-Learning Certificate course offerings as my elective courses throughout the program. I now understand how to design, develop and implement e-learning into my current curriculum delivery. Because of this program, I was introduced to Moodle — a free course management system, which we are now using at Hayward High School. I feel well-prepared to meet the on-demand styles of the 21st century learner."

-Julie Fischer
Exeland, Wisconsin

"Learning online has been a valuable experience for me. I am in a supportive learning community with so many enthusiastic learners! I was hesitant about teaching full-time and working towards my masters. It is a lot of work, but I am learning so many real world applications that I can use in my classroom to help my students!"

-Alissa Manning-Telisak
Winona, Minnesota

"I feel as though the Student Services Support staff person of the program cares about me and wants to do whatever she can to see me succeed. I cannot stress enough how helpful she has been throughout the entire process. From enrollment to registering for classes to dealing with course issues, she has been there for me every step of the way! I would highly recommend UW-Stout's online program to my friends, family, or anyone else!"

-Kristie Swift
Arcadia, Wisconsin

"I am having a great experience working online to obtain a Master of Science in Education through UW-Stout. The ability to work with professionals from around the state, country, and sometimes the world brings a whole new perspective to education. People seem more free to express themselves in ways they may not in a classroom situation, and share real experiences related to life, the classroom, and life in education.  It has been an excellent way to communicate, learn, and obtain a degree."

-Billy Geiger
Chili, Wisconsin

"Obtaining my degree online has been a blessing. With two small children, I am able to work when it is convenient for me and my family. The master's program is rigorous, but with the support of the staff at UW-Stout, it is just as easy online as it is in the classroom. I have nothing but positive comments and experiences from my time at UW-Stout."

-Alicia Helle
Garnavillo, Iowa

"With just a few credits left toward completion of my degree, I am happy to say that the UW-Stout Masters in Education program has been an awesome experience. Many of my UW-Stout instructors have fostered an online environment in which discussion and peer interaction have allowed for a thorough interrogation of ideas. Learning from the perspective of others and enjoying the company of a community of learners has promoted a level of personal growth that I was unaware that I had the potential for. For this I will be forever thankful."

-Paul Mugan
Waverly, Iowa

"I work full-time so I anticipated that it would be difficult to balance class time, work and the rest of my commitments. However, I found the opposite to be true. I enjoyed the courses and learned information that was immediately applicable and relevant. The staff and instructors offered a great deal of support and assistance."

-Nancy Stueland-Adamski
Hewitt, Wisconsin

"I really liked the online format rather than driving to a campus for my classes. As a current teacher, I was able to get online when it worked into my schedule. The professors did a good job of using cooperative learning to help students interact via the computer. Also, the School of Education personnel were very helpful whenever I had questions. (Thanks, Amy!)"

-Kris Anderson
Medford, Wisconsin

"Since I have a full-time job as a special education teacher, and a family I like to spend time with, I needed a program that allowed me to do the work when it was convenient for me. This program has allowed this to happen. The professors have all been so helpful, especially in helping me fix any problems that I encountered along the way. I would recommend anyone who wants a flexible schedule to take the classes online. It's a great way to meet people from all over the world and learn new information."

-Louise Zuiderhof
Lakenheath, England

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