Family and Guest Orientation Information

We know that you have questions. We will do our best to relay information to you and your families as it becomes available.
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Welcome to UW-Stout - we are so excited to have you as part of our campus community!

We're happy your student will be joining us this Fall! Their next step is to attend First-Year Registration and Orientation (FYRO). Their experience will be comprised of three steps:

  1. Advising and Registration - They will work with your First-Year Advisor and register for fall classes. 
  2. Orientation - We will help you and your student build connections with campus, learn about the resources available, and they will pick up their UW-Stout issued laptop. 
  3. Week One - At the start of Fall semester we will welcome them to campus with events and activities to help them connect to campus. 

Step One

Advising and Registration

For your safety and the safety of our staff, advising and class registration is being held online this summer. This event will provide the same information your student would receive on campus in a unique and engaging format! We are excited to share information and help them get acclimated in a virtual environment.

First-Year Registration is a required online program and is when your student will work with their first-year advisor, select your Fall 2021 classes, and learn more about UW-Stout.

Register for your Date

  • Have your student check their UW-Stout email for an invitation on or before March 22nd!
  • Advising and Registration will be held starting Tuesday, May 18th and running Tuesday - Friday, each week ending June 25th. 
  • We will offer meetings and support throughout their Registration Week! Within the invitation they will be asked to fill out a survey to select the day they would like to enroll in Fall 2021 classes. 
  • Have your student check their personal calendar for other commitments and select an enrollment date when you have the most flexibility.

Prepare for the Experience

The Virtual Experience

Registration may be online, but we are excited about the dynamic experience we have to offer your student!

Around your student's Registration date, we are offering a full week of activities to get more familiar with UW-Stout! Here is what you need to know:

  • The Registration week will run Monday-Friday surrounding your students Registration date.
  • They will be added to a Canvas course as their Registration Week nears. This will be their hub to better understand First-Year Registration and complete their class registration.
  • Have your student watch their UW-Stout email! They will receive a “get ready email” in mid-May with more details.

Get Engaged! Join us for the following activities

We invite all parents, family members and guests to attend the Monday evening meeting shown below. A link to the meeting will be added closer to the first Monday - May 17th.

Monday, 6:30-7 PM: Family and Support Persons Meeting

This meeting will help your family/support persons better understand the class registration process and various resources at UW-Stout. Students may choose to attend this session, but the focus audience is family and support persons. At the end of this session there will be a short meeting for information regarding our Trio Student Support Services and Multicultural Student Support Services offices for students who may qualify.

Your Student's Experience

Please encourage your student to engage with and become familiar with the Canvas Course and the scheduled sessions we are offering as part of their experience. It is important for students to be familiar with their first-year advisor and work through the 5-steps for enrollment that they will find on their Canvas Course. They will gain access to the course prior to their enrollment date, please encourage your student to look over the course before their scheduled registration date as it will help them through the registration process.

At the beginning of their registration week, they will receive a message in their UW-Stout email from their first-year advisor with recommended classes, etc. Throughout their registration week, if they have questions, they are strongly encouraged to schedule a 30 minute, 1 on 1 appointment with their advisor. 

To get the most out of their virtual experience they should attend all the events throughout the registration week. These events will help them better understand the class registration process and connect with UW-Stout.

Links to meetings will be provided on the Canvas Couse and in the invitation from their advisor. Families and guests, watch for an invite to the Family and Support Persons meeting in early May.

Monday, 5:30-6:15 PM: Meet Your Advisor Meeting: Mandatory

This meeting is the kickoff to the registration week. Students will meet their first-year advisor and learn more about the registration process..

Tuesday or Thursday, 5:30-7 PM: Registration Help Sessions

While most students complete class registration following the instructions within the Canvas course, if they have questions, this live session can assist them as they enroll in their recommended classes. The session will include a demonstration of how to enroll and time to ask questions. The session will be staffed by UW-Stout students and support staff.

Step Two


We hope to hold Orientation in person later this summer. More detailed information will be provided after Advising and Registration. Continue to have your student monitor their UW-Stout email for the most up to date information.

Software Tools for Success

Students should consider downloading these additional apps on their phone. These tools will help them to be successful while here at Stout. 

  • Canvas Student: Canvas is our online classroom (similar to blackboard which you may have used in high school).
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams is a Microsoft tool for meetings similar to Zoom. We will be using Teams for our live sessions during orientation.  You will gain access using your Stout credentials after enrollment, prior to enrollment you can access events as a guest in Teams.
  • Navigate: Navigate is your student success tool which you will use to schedule appointments with your advisor, view to-do items and more!  You will gain access using your Stout credentials after enrollment.