Youth Protection

Overview of policy, controls, training, and reporting requirements that the University of Wisconsin Stout and 3rd parties need to maintain in working with youth and minors.
In this Section

Protecting minors on campus is not just a good idea, it’s part of Wi. Stat. 48.981 and the Clery Act.  UW System Administrative Policy 625 for youth protection is effective March 2023.  This policy sets minimum standards to protect minors on our campus.  It is the Compliance Specialist and Youth & Minors Protection Coordinator role to implement this policy on our campus and equip departments with the tools they need to ensure the protection of all minor’s visiting  UW-Stout.  Our SOP contains relevant information and requirements for how operational areas on campus will fulfill Policy 625 including how we document our compliance.  

Activities that are considered a covered activity:

  • All faculty, academic staff, university staff, employees, students, student employees, graduate students, interns, affiliates, volunteers, contractors, consultants, visitors, and third-party vendors supervising or interacting with minors at a University program, event, or activity.
  • All UW-Stout activities held either on or off campus that serve minors, including those held in other municipalities, states, and nations.
  • Third party programs and activities held on University property.

This policy does not apply to:

  • A person under the age of eighteen (18) who is a matriculated student at the University.
  • Events open to the general public, and which minors attend at the sole discretion of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and where the University does not have custodial care of the minor.
  • Private events
  • Medical care provided to minors in an in-patient or out-patient setting
  • Institution Review Board approved research.
  • Daycare and preschool services provided by a licensed health or daycare provider or employee or volunteer acting under the direction of a licensed health care provider.
  • Minors participating in pre-enrollment visitation or recruiting activities governed by the NCAA. 
  • UW-Stout Faculty who are guest lecturing at an outside organization and have no oversight of minors.

Hosting a covered activity, Youth Event, Camp or Clinic?

  • If you are considering coordinating an event with minor participants, you are required to follow the UW-Stout Youth Activities SOP
  • Request approval for your program by filling out the Youth Program Request Approval Form, and email Stout's Compliance and Youth & Minors Protection Coordinator
  • Comply with the standards outlined in the Youth Activity Planning Documents you received. 
  • Comply with adult to student supervision ratios per University Minor Protection and Adult Leadership Policy
  • Ensure your activity staff and volunteers have been properly vetted and trained through a Youth Event Agreement and a Volunteer Agreement. You can find access to these through Stout's Compliance and Youth & Minors Protection Coordinator after registering your event. 
  • Work with Stout's Compliance and Youth & Minors Protection Coordinator to complete the necessary staff and participant rosters, safety plan, risk awareness agreements, and/or third-party agreements.

Participating with Minors?

At a minimum, employees, staff, or volunteers participating with minors during campus activities will:

  • Complete a Youth Event Agreement or Volunteer Agreement
  • Complete a Criminal Background Check
  • Receive training on Prohibited Conduct and Mandatory Reporting Responsibilities
  • Be aware of the event’s Safety Plan
  • If you are considering serving at an UW-Stout event that will have minors, be aware of these requirements.  The activity Sponsor or Program Facilitator will coordinate this process with you. 

Program Support

For questions or assistance in this process, contact The documents described in the above can be accessed through the SharePoint that manages this.  We are available to provide educational support and training as your team needs. Recreational youth requirements mandated by  ATCP 78  Recreational and Educational Camps and DCF 252 Day Camps for Children also exist if you are bring youth to campus for overnight activities or day camps meeting the criteria.