Fitness Memberships

All fitness center memberships include access to both facilities and group fitness classes.
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The UW-Stout Fitness Center provides affordable membership options for current UW-Stout students, faculty, and staff, along with select other affiliated groups.

Other affiliated groups that are eligible for a fitness membership are: immediate family members of current UW-Stout faculty, staff, and students over the age of 18 who live in the same residence, retired UW-Stout faculty and staff and their spouses, and current UW-System sister school students. 

All prices are per person.  For details on start and end dates for each membership, please call or visit our front desk prior to purchasing. Memberships are non-refundable, may not be pro-rated, and may not be transferred. Exceptions for refunds may be made for medical or military leave, with proper verification. 

UW-Stout Fitness Center

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For information on eligibility and membership options continue on. Memberships can be purchased online or in person.
Membership Eligibility

To determine which pricing category you fall under, read below. All prices are per person. Urec Fitness Memberships are not offered to unaffiliated community members. 

Students: A student is considered any undergraduate student  or graduate student who is currently enrolled in one or more credits. 

Employee: Current part-time, full-time, LTE, academic, annual, classified, and unclassified staff of UW-Stout.

Family/Retired/Sister School: Spouse, child over 18, or parents of a current UW-Stout faculty/staff member, living in the same household; retired UW-Stout faculty/staff members; and sister reciprocity schools (UWRF, UWEC, etc.).

Climbing Wall Membership

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UW-Stout Student

UW-Stout Employee

Community Family
Day $5 $5 $8 N/A
Month $12 $12 $20 $30
Academic $60 $60 N/A N/A
Calendar $85 $85 $110 $210



Fitness Membership

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Full Time UW-Stout Student

Customized Instruction (CI) Student

UW-Stout Family & Retiree
Month $20
(winter/summer breaks)
$20 $25 $30
Academic Free
(9/8 - 12/21/22 & 1/24 - 5/11/22)
$130 $140 $150
Calendar N/A $145 $155 $165

Includes access to the Health & Fitness Center, North Point Fitness Center, and Group Fitness Classes.



Group Fitness Only Membership

These memberships must be purchased in person at the Health & Fitness Center.


Full Time UW-Stout Student

Part Time UW-Stout Student

UW-Stout Family & Retiree
Single Class Free $3 $3 $5
25 Punch Card N/A $50 $75 $85
Unlimited Card N/A $60 $85 $95

* Unlimited cards are good until May 15th


Refund Policy 

  1. As stated on the membership form and the online waiver, Fitness Center memberships are non–refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be frozen. This includes, but is not limited to, refund requests related to academic probation, dismissal, withdrawal, college transfer, internships, or suspensions.
  2. Refund will only be honored for medical reasons and military active duty. For medical refunds, a proof of medical issue from the doctor or hospital should accompany the refund request. For any refunds, a processing fee of $15.00 will be applied against the amount being refunded.