Academic Misconduct

Maintaining the integrity of the educational process.
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Promoting Honesty and Integrity

Academic misconduct is a vital issue concerning all of the UW-Stout community. Those who engage in academic misconduct, and those who ignore it when they become aware of it, threaten the integrity of the University and of the educational process. The Board of Regents, administrators, faculty, academic staff and students of the University of Wisconsin System believe that academic honesty and integrity are fundamental to the mission of higher education and to the University of Wisconsin System.

Academic Misconduct

The University of Wisconsin System Administrative Code, UWS Ch 14 Academic Misconduct, defines and provides procedures regarding academic misconduct. Students need to know some types of behaviors which are not acceptable in their academic coursework. A student found responsible for academic misconduct may receive disciplinary sanctions from the University of Wisconsin System. 

Academic Dishonesty

The university has a responsibility to promote academic honesty and integrity and to develop procedures to deal effectively with instances of academic dishonesty. Students are responsible for the honest completion and representation of their work, for the appropriate citation of sources, and for respect of others’ academic endeavors. Students who violate these standards must be confronted and must accept the consequences of their actions.


Academic Misconduct and Dishonesty Examples

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Allegations of Academic Misconduct

If it is alleged that a student has engaged in misconduct, they have the right to participate in the conduct process. The student participates by telling their side of the story, presenting evidence in support of that story, and having the story given full consideration by an investigator.

Academic misconduct allegations are typically investigated by the course instructor although University Investigating Officers may fill this role if necessary. 


Investigation Process

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