Hometown News

Marketing Communications provides hometown news service for students through The Link News Service
In this Section

Using data furnished by the Registration and Records Office, UW-Stout's Marketing Communications team forwards appropriate information to The Link for publication in newspapers throughout the Midwest. Newspapers selected for a particular student are based on the zip code of the home address entered by Registration and Records upon enrollment.

The service reports newsworthy information: graduation, academic and scholarship awards, cooperative education placement and other notable activities. When a release is submitted, each student receives an email with options to link the story to Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites. 

Selecting a different town for news releases

If a student, or their family or supporter, wishes to have news releases sent to a paper other than their hometown paper, the student will need to update the news release field in the UW-Stout database by logging into AccessStout and making changes on the Campus Personal Information page. 

For help with this process, read Verify Your Hometown Newspaper Notification on the Registration and Records website. 

If students do not intentionally indicate a different city and zip code, news releases will be sent to the newspapers serving the permanent home address.

Only students can make this change. Also, only one city and zip code can be used for news releases.


Email MarCom at marcom@uwstout.edu with any questions.

MarCom cannot require newspapers to print the information supplied to them but will do the research necessary to ensure that correct data is sent. Please be patient and understand that it is at the newspaper's discretion as to when the information appears.