Student Right to Know

Consumer Information
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Federal regulations require that UW-Stout provide enrolled and prospective students with specific consumer information about the university. The following lists indicate the information that must be disclosed and provide links to that information or its source. If you would prefer to get the information in writing, you may request it from the appropriate office.

Additional information about UW-Stout students, faculty, and staff is available from our Performance Indicators.

Key Information

Graduation Rates

The reported graduation/completion rate is the percentage of students who graduated from UW-Stout within 6 years.

Retention Rates

The reported retention rate is for first-time, full-time freshmen undergraduate students and for full-time graduate students.


Cost of Attendance

Transfer Students


Refunds and Return to Title IV Policies

Current Academic Programs and Faculty

Accreditation, Licensing, etc.

Facilities for Disabled Students

Study Abroad Resources


Campus Crime

Financial Aid

Academic Honesty

Vaccinations and Medical Services

Miscellaneous Campus Information