Buildings & Energy

UW-Stout is working to reduce the carbon footprint of all our campus buildings.
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UW-Stout Price Commons Solar PanelsRenewable Energy

We're continually adding renewable energy projects to our campus through a variety of solar panel installations. With funding from the Stout Student Association's Green Fee, we have a 59.6 kW solar array on the roof of Merle Price Commons. We've also installed solar powered outdoor lighting. We plan to continue implementing more solar projects on campus in future years.

Memorial Student CenterGreen Building 

In recent years, we have added a number of green elements to our campus buildings during renovations and construction. Some of these sustainability projects include:

  • LED lighting
  • Occupancy and daylight sensors
  • Low or no VOC paints
  • Reclaimed materials, such as reused bowling lane wood in the Memorial Student Center
  • Waste bins made from recycled milk cartons
  • Recycling of demolition/construction waste (e.g., 81% of waste in the MSC renovation was recycled)
  • Touchless faucets to reduce water use
  • Hydration stations to promote use of refillable water bottles
  • Energy efficient hand dryers in place of paper towel dispensers
Tracking our real-time energy consumption

Building Dashboard

See UW-Stout's electricity use in kWh, dollars spent, and CO2 emitted for each building and for the campus as a whole.

UW-Stout Green Cleaning ProgramGreen Cleaning Program

In all of our academic and administrative buildings, we use Green Seal and EcoLogo certified cleaning products. These cleaners have limited or no fragrances and dyes, which is better for the health of our campus. We also use reusable microfiber towels to limit waste associated with paper towels. Our hand soaps are EcoLogo certified too!

Focus on Energy Rebate Focus on Energy Program

UW-Stout participates in Focus on Energy, Wisconsin's statewide energy efficiency and renewable resource program. As we've added energy efficient lighting and appliances, we've earned rebates that we then put into more energy efficiency projects. Our campus has earned over $155,000 in energy efficiency incentives.