UW-Stout Centers

The University of Wisconsin-Stout is home to 20+ research centers and laboratories, which are integral to the University’s experiential learning and polytechnic culture.
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The University of Wisconsin-Stout hosts extracurricular units to address basic and applied research; technical assistance; and knowledge and technology transfer. These units are commonly referred to as centers or institutes. They vary broadly in purpose and characteristics, from nascent program-based initiatives to highly integrated cross-disciplinary centers.

A UW-Stout center or institute is a financially sustainable unit comprised of two or more faculty or staff with expert capability and reliable capacity, focused on driving leading edge applied research and providing proven measurable technical assistance in their area of excellence. Financial sustainability is measured by the amount, source(s) and duration of extracurricular funding, including grant(s), contracts, donations or endowments. Areas of excellence are measured in the strategic mission, definition, depth, reputation and rigor of their expertise and their ability to contribute their expertise in collaborative cross-disciplinary activities.

To learn more about an individual center listed below, please visit the center's website or contact the center's director.

Academic Affairs Division

Center for Applied Ethics

373B Harvey Hall

Kate Edenborg, Director

Menard Center for the Study of Institutions & Innovation

56 Harvey Hall

Tim Shiell, Director

Nakatani Teaching & Learning Center

403A Robert Swanson Library & Learning Center

Sylvia Tiala, Director


People Process Culture

443 Heritage Hall

Betsy Pudliner, Associate Professor


College of Arts & Human Sciences (CAHS)

Center for Nutrition Education

205 Heritage hall

Kerry Peterson, Director

Child & Family Study Center

109 Child and Family Study Center

Allison Feller, Director

Clinical Services Center

221 Vocational Rehabilitation Building

Candice Maier, Director

Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute (SVRI)

201 Vocational Rehabilitation Building

         National Training Center for Transformational Rehabilitation Leadership

Kyle Walker, Executive Director

Weidner Center for Residential Property Management

419 Heritage Hall

Fred Prassas, Director

Writing Center

174 Harvey Hall

Kristin Risley, Co-Director

Kim Blomquist, Office Associate


College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Management (CSTEMM)

Cybersecurity Research & Outreach Center (CyROC)

150 Communication Technologies Building

Holly Yuan, Director

Math Teaching & Learning Center

203 Jarvis Hall Science Wing

Laura Schmidt, Director

Amanda Larson, Coordinator


Office of Corporate Relations & Economic Engagement

Center for Innovation & Development

132 Applied Arts

Mike Cropp, Project Engineer and FabLab Manager

Center for Limnological Research & Rehabilitation

278 Jarvis Hall Technology Wing


Emerging Center for Career & Technical Education Excellence

225B Communication Technologies Building

Deanna Schultz, Associate Dean

Manufacturing Outreach Center

278 Jarvis Hall Technology Wing

Aaron Bialzik, Director