Housing Contract FAQs

Signing your on-campus contract.
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When I sign a contract, will I permanently stay in the halls?

No, although students in their first two years out of high school (most first and second-year students) are required to live-on campus based upon a Board of Regents policy that UW-Stout strictly enforces.

A housing contract is a yearly contract with some exceptions such as student teaching, travel abroad and/or an internship. If you plan to live on campus and/or meet the Board of Regents requirement, the contract is required and a legally binding document.

Current residents living on campus will receive contract information through email accounts and their residence hall mailboxes when contracts are available for the next year.

Are the halls open during holidays and breaks?

YES! The halls are open from the start of the fall semester until the end of the spring semester. Students taking classes over the summer or living on campus in the fall may complete a summer housing contract for space on-campus during the summer.

How can I get out of my housing contract?

For most students, it's not likely you'll be able to break the contract that you signed and will be held to the terms of the Housing & Dining Contract.

Housing Contracts are non-negotiable and cannot be canceled even when one of the hall release conditions listed below are met.

Please, please, please DON'T sign any off-campus lease unless you receive official written notice of a contract release from Housing. It could mean that you pay two rents!

Contract releases are made for students who meet one of these requirements:

  • An academic requirement such as student teaching, study abroad, or a co-op experience that is further than 40 miles from Menomonie
  • No longer attending UW-Stout

If you do not meet one of the requirements above, you may request a Housing & Dining Contract Exemption/Release request. Please note that if you have signed a contract, it is unlikely that you will be approved to cancel your contract.

See the Housing Gateway to submit the appropriate contract release request.

Military / Veteran Exemption from Housing Requirement

Students who have served two years of active duty with the military (other than active duty for training) can be exempt from the on-campus living requirement.  A copy of Form DD214 must be submitted to University Housing.  Those students who are in ROTC, National Guard, and Reserve duty do not qualify for this exemption.