Financial Aid Forms and Applications

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Verification Forms: 2024-25

2024-25 Verification Worksheet: Dependent StudentsPDF
2024-25  Verification Worksheet: Independent StudentsPDF
2024-25  Enrollment ClarificationPDF
2024-25  Untaxed Income WorksheetPDF
2024-25  Co-op Earnings StatementPDF
2024-25  Dependent Asset SupplementPDF
2024-25  Parent Data ClarificationPDF
2024-25  Educational Purpose StatementPDF
2024-25  Citizenship DocumentationPDF
Instructions for Obtaining Tax Related DocumentsPDF


Verification Forms: 2023-24

2023-24 Verification Worksheet: Dependent StudentsPDF
2023-24 Verification Worksheet: Independent StudentsPDF
2023-24 Enrollment ClarificationPDF
2023-24 Veteran Status and BenefitsPDF
2023-24 Untaxed Income WorksheetPDF
2023-24 Co-op Earnings StatementPDF
2023-24 Dependent Asset SupplementPDF
2023-24 Parent Data ClarificationPDF
2023-24 Educational Purpose StatementPDF
2023-24 Citizenship DocumentationPDF
2023-24 Amended Verification Worksheet: Dependent Students PDF
2023-24 Amended Verification Worksheet: Independent Students PDF

Summer Session and Winterm Financial Aid

Summer Session Financial Aid Application 
Opens in March (with Summer registration)
Winterm Financial Aid Application 
Opens in mid-October (with Winterm registration)

Customized Instruction Enrollment

Customized Instruction (CI) Enrollment FormOnline

Special or Unusual Circumstances

Consortium AgreementPDF
Extra Expense Request FormPDF
Request for re-evaluation for financial aid eligibilityPlease Contact Us for Assistance
Special or Unusual Circumstance Appeal FormPlease Contact Us for Assistance

Study Abroad Notification for Financial Aid

Study Abroad Notification for Financial AidPDF

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

SAP Appeal: GPA & 67% Completion Standard FormPDF
SAP Appeal: Max Time Form (Undergraduate)PDF
SAP Appeal: Max Time Form (Graduate)PDF

Other Forms

Parent PLUS Loan ApplicationPDF
Stafford Master Promissory NoteOnline
Reciprocity for Minnesota ResidentsOnline