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Housing Contract Information

University Housing follows the Board of Regents’ live-on requirement. This means that students are required to live on campus their first two years after High School graduation. For more information regarding the policy, commuting requests and exceptions to the policy please view the live-on requirement links on this page.

  • It is important that you read the contract terms prior to signing the contract.
  • Once a contract is signed it cannot be canceled unless a student is no longer attending Stout or has a study abroad, internship, or student teaching experience for the full academic year that is more than a 40-mile driving distance from campus.
  • Room selection times are based on contract signing dates (and for incoming students date of pre-payment).  The earlier a student signs a contract the earlier they will get to select a room and the more room options that will be available to them.

72 % of students say living on-campus helps them interact with peers who are different than they are.

How to sign a Housing Contract and Pay Prepayment

All contracts are signed through the Housing Gateway.  The earlier you sign your contract, the earlier you get to select your room!  Please note the instructions below or watch our video tutorial for more information.

  • Sign into the Housing Gateway (link below).
  • Select Sign Housing and Dining Contract.
  • Students will be prompted through the process.
  • This is a legal document so students must complete this process.  For students under 18 at the time of contract signing will have a co-signature option for a parent to sign.  An email will be sent to the co-signer with directions.
How to sign contract and pay prepayment. / University Housing

Two-Year Live-on Requirement

Those freshman and sophomore students (59 credits or less) who are not veterans, married or living with parents of legal guardian (within a 40-mile driving distance from campus) shall be required to live in a university-operated residence hall when such accommodations are available.

Commuter Request Process

In order to commute, you must live with your parents or legal guardian within a 40-mile driving distance from campus. To request commuter status, go to the Housing Gateway and complete a commuter form.

If you have already signed a contract for the time frame you are requesting, you are not eligible to submit a commuter request form.

Exemption/Release Request Process

Students requesting an exemption to the live-on policy for extenuating circumstances can submit an Exemption/Release Request on the Housing Gateway. Please see the Exemption/Release process located on this page.

Military / Veteran Exemption from Housing Requirement

Students who have served two years of active duty with the military (other than active duty for training) can be exempt from the on-campus living requirement.  A copy of Form DD214 must be submitted to University Housing.  Those students who are in ROTC, National Gaurd, and Reserve duty do not qualify for this exemption.