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Where paper becomes packaging excellence, crafting your future with every fold and cut.
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In the Packaging Prototyping Lab, paper isn't just a material—it's the canvas for innovation. In this lab, you'll navigate the fascinating process of turning paper into complex packaging solutions, experiencing the synergy of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. It's a space where your creativity will meet the rigors of design, preparing you to lead with expertise in the art of paper-based packaging. The Packaging and Paper Prototyping Lab doesn't just teach you the methods—it cultivates the wisdom to revolutionize an industry.

From foundational classes to advanced projects, our students have the resources to explore and innovate within the field of packaging design. Juniors and seniors, in particular, will find themselves engaging heavily with our cutting-edge cutters, ensuring they gain the hands-on experience necessary to excel in their careers.

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Dive Deeper into the Lab's Equipment.

Kongsberg XL Cutting Table
Kongsberg XL Cutting Table

The Kongsberg XL Cutting Table is a versatile and advanced cutting solution for a multitude of materials such as cardboard, corrugated materials, folding carton, paper, rigid board, flexible materials, foam, aluminum, and composite materials. It's designed to accommodate a wide range of applications from 2D and 3D packaging prototypes to signage and displays.

MAAC Thermoformer
MAAC Thermoformer

 The MAAC Thermoformer in our lab brings designs to life by molding sheets of plastic into trays and a variety of other forms, offering students a hands-on approach to learning the art of thermoforming. This process showcases the transformative journey from raw material to a functional product, providing insights into the intricacies of mold design and material behavior.

Bestronic Mini Shrink Tunnel
Kongsberg XL Cutting Table

The Beseler Mini Shrink Tunnel, featured in our lab, is a semi-automatic powerhouse capable of efficiently shrinking 5 to 15 packages per minute, perfect for students to learn about high-volume sleeve and plastic packaging techniques. This machine exemplifies the kind of industry-grade equipment that students will become adept at using, setting the foundation for expertise in contemporary packaging operations.

GRACO InvisiPac HM23c Hot Melt Adhesive Dispense System
GRACO InvisiPac HM23c

The GRACO InvisiPac HM23c represents a cutting-edge tool in our Packaging and Paper Lab, offering students the opportunity to work with top-tier equipment used by industry leaders for sealing cases and cartons efficiently. Its advanced technology not only ensures a smoother, more reliable adhesive application but also teaches the importance of precision and efficiency in packaging—skills highly valued in the field.

Guillotine Paper Cutter
Kongsberg XL Cutting Table

The large Guillotine Paper Cutter in our lab is a classic piece of equipment that teaches the fundamentals of precision and material handling. It offers a tangible, hands-on experience that underpins the importance of accuracy and technique in material preparation. By learning the traditional methods of paper cutting, students gain a historical perspective that enriches their understanding of modern automated processes.

Belco Medical Tray Sealer
Belco Medical Grade Sealer

The Belco Medical Tray Sealer is a specialized machine designed for sealing medical trays with precision and reliability. It ensures secure and airtight seals, which are critical for maintaining the sterility and integrity of medical supplies. The tray sealer is built with robust construction and advanced technology, making it suitable for high-demand medical environments.

This machine features user-friendly controls for setting seal time, temperature, and pressure, allowing for consistent and repeatable sealing results. The Belco Medical Tray Sealer is essential for healthcare facilities and manufacturers that require dependable packaging solutions to protect sensitive medical products.

Ceratek Heat Sealer
Ceratek Heat Sealer

The Ceratek 12-PV2 Heat Sealer is a high-quality sealing machine designed for precision and efficiency. It is ideal for sealing various packaging materials, ensuring a strong and reliable seal. The Ceratek 12-PV2 is known for its durability and user-friendly operation, making it a valuable tool in any packaging lab.

This heat sealer offers adjustable temperature settings and consistent sealing pressure, providing flexibility for different packaging requirements. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, and it is suitable for a wide range of applications, from food packaging to industrial uses.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The Vacuum Chamber Sealer is an essential device for sealing packages by removing air and creating a vacuum. This sealer is ideal for extending the shelf life of food products and protecting items from moisture and contamination. Its durable construction and reliable performance make it a valuable tool in any packaging environment.

The sealer features a user-friendly interface for setting vacuum and sealing times, ensuring precise control over the packaging process. It is suitable for a variety of applications, including food storage, medical supplies, and industrial goods, providing a strong and secure seal every time.

Packaging Prototyping Lab Materials
Packaging Prototyping Lab Materials

The lab is stocked with a variety of materials to support diverse packaging projects. These materials include different types of plastics for creating and testing flexible and rigid packaging solutions, printed plastics for studying the impact of graphics on packaging performance and aesthetics, corrugated board for constructing and evaluating robust packaging structures, and paper board for prototyping and testing packaging designs.

Industry Donations & Partnerships.

The Packaging and Paper Prototype Lab boasts a diverse selection of materials, accommodating various paper weights and board types to challenge and refine the skills of our students at every level. Thanks to the generosity of industry partners like Green Bay Packaging and Great Northern, our lab is stocked with a range of high-quality paper materials. 


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