Human Sciences Day

Annual Professional Development Event for College of Arts & Human Sciences Students
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Human Sciences Day is a professional development opportunity for students and alumni of the College of Arts and Human Sciences. This event is a collaboration between Career Services and the College of Arts and Human Sciences to help students explore career opportunities in nonprofit, government, public and private companies, along with graduate school. Students and alumni can engage in purposeful career conversations and network with employers to gain perspectives of what they can do for an internship or professional position after earning their degree.

Save the Date: April 9, 2025


Employer Panel: Career Paths in Government & Nonprofits: Advice from Leaders in the Field

In this session, leaders from local nonprofit and government organizations will discuss their career paths and answer questions about how to survive and thrive in those fields. We will hear from professionals who work in nonprofit agencies, criminal justice and advocacy, and local government. 

  • Mike Lee - CEO, Children's Museum of Eau Claire
  • Megen Hines - Environmental Program Coordinator, City of Menomonie
  • Pearl Gronquist - Career Counselor, Takoda, American Indian OIC
  • Michael Bonilla - Gen Z Organizer, REFORM Alliance

Employer Panel: People Skills in the Private Sector

Join us for an insightful exploration into the realm of "People Skills in the Private Sector" with our panel of professionals. Gain invaluable perspectives from industry leaders as they share their expertise and experiences. They will also discuss the journeys that led them to their current career paths, all while navigating interpersonal dynamics in various private sector settings. 

  • Jennifer Fritz - Regional Clinic Director, Nystrom and Associates
  • Michael Blizel - VP of Business Development, ETS Performance
  • Danielle Goss - CEO & Co-Founder, KUL MOCKS
  • Matthew Pearson - President, Marron Foods

Informational Interviewing with Employers

Sign up for time slots with employers of various industries to network and ask the questions you want to know. Learn how these professionals go to where they are in their careers. You can sign up for as many employers as you would like to speak with. Time slots are first come, first serve. 

Employer Panel: Helping Professions: Exploring Careers in Human Services

Helping others can bring a great sense of satisfaction and contribution to the community. Helping professionals, by the very nature of their occupations, work closely with people all day long. There are many opportunities for employment for those who study human services. Many people who have a human service degree go on to work for places like the department of human services, domestic abuse shelters, homeless shelters, veteran affairs, or even working with children or the elderly. This panel is aimed at those individuals who aspire to use their career to help others. We’ll hear from experts who currently work in the human services sector. 

  • Lorraine Garland - Substance Use Disorder Counselor & Outreach Coordinator, Arbor Place
  • Pat Stein - Director, Bolton Refuge House
  • Greta Bormann - Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant, O'Hara & Hunter Consulting
  • Ellie McKee Corrigall - Social Worker, Dunn County Human Services