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2018-2019 Year in Review
from William Johnson

As we head into the last year of the Pathways Forward campaign, we continue to make significant strides in providing support to the mission of the university. This past year we ended the fiscal year, 2018-2019, with $7,845,657 in support to the campaign. This amount, added to our previous fundraising efforts within the Pathways Forward campaign, pushed our total campaign results as of June 30, 2019 to $38,626,071.

In addition, the total assets of the Stout University Foundation has seen continued growth and has reached a record level for the third year in a row, exceeding $64 million dollars as of June 30, 2019. As a result of market appreciation and gifts to the endowment, the Foundation continues to build its fundraising capacity going into the last year of the campaign.

Since arriving at the university in May of 2019, I have been impressed with the level of enthusiasm, interest and support for the Pathways Forward Campaign. The success of the Foundation is a result of the hard work of the staff and outstanding leadership of the University, the Stout University Foundation Board and the Pathways Forward Steering Committee. As we continue our work for 2019-2020, we look forward to continued success in our support of the University of Wisconsin-Stout mission, students, faculty and staff.

Thank you to all our partners who have made this success possible. We are building a strong culture of philanthropy that will serve this University for years to come. You all can be proud, Stout Proud, of the work that you support.

Thank you all.


1,371 Donors


35 New Scholarships


83% of gifts were less than $500