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What to Expect 

Contacting the Clinical Services Center 

When you contact the Clinical Services Center your call will be received by one of our trained staff. They will be glad to answer any questions you have about services at the CSC. To set an appointment, they will gather some information from you about contact information and appointment times and will ask for a brief description of what brings you to therapy.  They will work with you to find an appointment time that works for you. 

When you arrive 

When you arrive at the Clinical Services Center you will be greeted by a receptionist who will direct you to a waiting area.  You will be asked to complete some forms requesting additional information about your presenting issues and describing clinic policies.  Your therapists will check in to see if you have questions and, when you are ready, will take you to one of our counseling rooms to start your session. 

During the session 

During the initial session the therapists will review the paperwork you completed in the waiting room to see if you have questions and will spend some time introducing themselves and learning a little bit about you.  The focus of the first session is to learn about the concerns that have brought you into therapy and to establish goals that you and the therapists can work on together.  Towards the end of the session the therapists may make some suggestions about things you can do before your next meeting. 

We use a team approach at the Clinical Services Center. In most cases you will be working with two therapists.  We believe this is an advantage for you; two heads are better than one and often one therapist will pick up on something the other misses. We also record sessions for educational purposes and make use of a one-way mirror in all of our therapy rooms.  This means that a supervisor and other therapists may be part of your therapy team.  They may slip a note with a suggestion under the door or your therapists may take a brief “break” during the session to consult with the team for their ideas. If you’d like to meet the team members behind the mirror let your therapists know and they can introduce you. 

After the session

Most sessions last about fifty minutes.  When you are done you’ll go to the front desk to schedule your next appointment and pay for session just completed