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photo of AngelaAngela is the Program Specialist for Data Literacy & Reporting within Texas Workforce Solutions- Vocational Rehabilitation agency &  has been with the agency for almost 13 years. She has a Bachelor's in Rehabilitative Services, and a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling and is currently majoring in Computer Science, working towards a degree specialization in a Master of Data Science.

Angela started off with the agency as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Specialist for almost 10 years. This helped sharpen her Trilingual Skills. Angela is fluent in English, Spanish, and  American Sign Language.

Angela then became a Unit Support Coordinator where she created Mentor and Training programs for other Counselors and support staff. This speared new experience as a Regional Program Specialist Position where she specialized in Mental Health, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, Customers involved in the Justice System, and Veteran’s affairs. Julie's knowledge of Data technology and Data Analysis grew, and that’s when she was promoted to a Regional Program Improvement Specialist and her current role as a Program Specialist on Data Literacy and Reporting.  

Angela is now able to use her previous VR experience, with her new Data Analysis work in assisting all VR staff across the State with training on how they can use Data to understand the work, improve case management systems, time management, prioritization, including Accessibility, improve communication with customers and partners, and provide other Data Literacy initiatives.

Angela's goal is to be able to have information more accessible to anyone and everyone. As the First-Generation, the First Woman to attend and graduate from college, and having a neurodevelopmental disability herself, Angela's goal in life is to help create the same opportunities for others. 

You can contact Angela at (210) 870-6157 or

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