Tech Tips Newsletter - Rubrics for End of Year Projects

Editor: Karen Franker
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Our Top Ten Rubrics for End-of-Year Projects

Explore a variety of rubric examples that can be adapted for use in primary, secondary and college classrooms.

Collaboration/Teamwork Rubrics

Primary Grade Self-Evaluation (pdf file) 
Features a sandwich graphically showing when all teamwork criteria are met

Upper Elementary/ Middle School 
Six defined criteria for assessing team and individual responsibility

High School and College
Six defined criteria for collaboration

Research and Video Projects, ePortfolio, and Critical Thinking Rubrics

Elementary Research
For use in grades 3-5 to assess planning, gathering, organizing and citing information

Middle School Research
Assesses how middle school students perform on tasks associated with the research process

Video Project
For use with individual or group projects

ePortfolio (Digital Portfolio)
May be used for self-assessment and peer assessment

Rubric Collections

Winona State University’s collection of rubrics for use in higher ed

Kathy Schrock’s Assessment Rubrics
A comprehensive list of rubrics for a variety of subject areas selected by technology expert, Kathy Schrock.

Tech Tip: Record and Email Voice Feedback

Voice feedback from an instructor can often be a welcome way to provide audio rather than written feedback. Kevin Purcell demonstrates how to use the iAudition app to record voice feedback and email it to students in MP3 format. The $4.99 price is worth the ease of use in creating quick recordings.