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Editor: Shannon Mersand
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EDUC 651 Project-based Learning in the Flipped Classroom

What You Will Learn

  • How to integrate video apps and social media tools to enhance learning
  • Instructional strategies for implementing the flipped/blended approach to support project-based learning
  • Implications for classroom management, cooperative learning and peer tutoring
  • Performance-based assessments for project-based learning

Our Students Say...
"You have opened my eyes to a whole new way to run my classroom, a better way for the students to learn." 
~ Denise Tufts, Certified Nursing Assistant instructor HS, Greene, Maine

Using Project-based Learning for Training and in the Classroom

Check out the best tips and applications for using project-based learning in PK-12, university and business training.

Using Project-Based Learning to Upskill Employees

An excellent resource that explains why project based learning is a fit for workplace training.

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An extensive collection of project-based learning videos, ideas, and articles.

12 Reasons Why Project-Based Learning Is Better Than Traditional Classroom Learning

Urvi Bhagi from eLearning Industry offers 12 reasons to give project-based learning a try!

Innovation in Design of Project-Based Learning for the K-12 Online Context

The Buck Institute for Education shares a recent study about project-based learning in an online environment.

13 Tips for Students Getting Started with Project-Based Learning

Getting Smart created this informative infographic to explain project-based learning.

Tech Tip

Integrating Technology in Project-Based Learning

"How does technology change the game in project-based learning?"

Featured Resource

Making Group Projects Work