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Instructional Design Graduate Certificate

Are you thinking of a change in jobs or shifting your career in a new direction?

Our instructional design graduates are employed at community colleges/ universities, in business and industry, Department of Defense, government (state and local), nonprofit/trade associations, educational companies, healthcare, K-12 school districts, retail/wholesale/distribution, insurance, marketing, manufacturing, travel/hospitality, telecommunications, or self-employed.

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"Thanks to the ID program at UW-Stout, I just landed a new ID job at a tech company. Because of the classes I've been taking this year, I was able to make changes (including my title) in my current role and make the transition to a new role!"
~ Helena Peace, Seattle, Washington

The Simple Art of LinkedIn

Are you seeking a transition or change in jobs?

Check out the best resources to help make the most of your LinkedIn profile to expand your professional network and advance your career.

15 Things You Need To Know About The New LinkedIn Interface

William Arruda walks you through the most recent LinkedIn Interface changes.

The Keys to a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

David Jensen from Science magazine offers advice on how to create a powerful LinkedIn Profile to maximize reach to potential employers.

2018 Top 12 Hidden Tips Using LinkedIn

Teddy Burriss offers tips for using LinkedIn as a business tool.

4 Steps to Leverage LinkedIn Skills & Endorsements for a More Powerful Profile

Susan Joyce walks you through how to use skills and endorsements to allow recruiters to find your profile.

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Instructional Design Career Center

Our Instructional Design Career Center provide a wealth of information about how to network and build your career.

Tech Tip

(Mostly) Free Online Courses to Increase Your Digital Skills

Brittany Loeffler explores a variety of online platforms that offer courses to increase your skills.